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US-2017325262-A1: Radio transmission device, radio reception device, communication method, and communication system patent, US-2017343410-A1: System and method for sensing high-frequency vibrations on sporting equipment patent, US-2018004692-A1: Direct memory access (dma) unit with address alignment patent, US-2018009941-A1: Process for preparing polyether carbonate polyols patent, US-2018027962-A1: Essential oil bottle rack patent, US-2018029230-A1: Safety management method and safety management system patent, US-2015140530-A1: Subjective linguistic analysis patent, US-2015191692-A1: Agglomerated microbiological media patent, US-2015227994-A1: Network recursive growth processes and system patent, US-2015250829-A1: Micronized placental tissue compositions and methods of making and using the same patent, US-2015312924-A1: Method and system for scheduling group resources during trunking communication patent, US-2016067882-A1: Device for longitudinal processing of wood for the production of a wood composite patent, US-2016115662-A1: Roadway cable barrier system patent, US-2016245201-A1: Engine patent, US-2017128047-A1: Ultrasonic transducer device, probe, electronic instrument, and ultrasonic diagnostic device patent, US-2017194440-A1: Thin film transistor, manufacturing method thereof, and display device including the same patent, US-2017233010-A1: Baffle assembly and a vehicle patent, US-2015096962-A1: Aluminum Alloy to Steel Welding Process patent, US-2015134343-A1: Interactive Communications System for the Coordination and Management of patient-Centered Health Care Services patent, US-2015150492-A1: Retrieving mental images of faces from the human brain patent, US-2015261327-A1: Display control system patent, US-2016355555-A1: Mimotopes for use in immunotherapy for shellfish and/or arthropod allergy patent, US-2017032765-A1: Apparatus and method for displaying in energy management system patent, US-2015183092-A1: Pcd wafer without substrate for high pressure / high temperature sintering patent, US-2015261301-A1: User interface device, user interface method, program, and computer-readable information storage medium patent, US-2015283920-A1: Electric vehicle gear shifting control device patent, US-2015287509-A1: Electromagnetic actuator patent, US-2015356931-A1: Display device patent, US-2016088500-A1: Determination of subframe type for subframes containing discovery signals patent, US-2016225757-A1: Electrostatic discharge protection structure in a semiconductor device patent, US-2016265788-A1: Wipe Warmer and Humidifying Device Thereof patent, US-2016338333-A1: Barge assistant rod saver patent, US-2017095794-A1: NO Oxidation Activity of Pseudo-brookite Compositions as Zero-PGM Catalysts for Diesel Oxidation Applications patent, US-2017131424-A1: Sondes & methods for use with buried line locator systems patent, US-2015053337-A1: Carrier-Substrate Adhesive System patent, US-2015056105-A1: Automatic system for synthesizing 123i-mibg and automatic device for synthesizing and dispensing 123i-mibg comprising the same patent, US-2015166517-A1: Compounds for the treatment and prevention of infections patent, US-2015227303-A1: Electronic apparatus, apparatus operation method, and program patent, US-2016056783-A1: Resonating device with single operational amplifier patent, US-2016293295-A1: Shielded cable patent, US-2016315708-A1: Optical amplifier, optical transmission apparatus, and optical repeating apparatus patent, US-2017186752-A1: Semiconductor devices including capacitors and methods of manufacturing the same patent, US-2017198810-A1: Vehicle lock-up clutch control device patent, US-2017297562-A1: Detection and reconstruction of roll rate sensor fault patent, US-2015159649-A1: Refrigerant Compressor and Refrigeration Cycle Device patent, US-2015206411-A1: System, Method, and Apparatus for Wireless Camera Detection patent, US-2015381913-A1: Image processing apparatus and image processing method patent, US-2016119929-A1: Communications method, communications system, control apparatus, and radio apparatus patent, US-2016129034-A1: Combination of ro5503781, capecitabine and oxaliplantin for cancer therapy patent, US-2016160083-A1: Cmp composition comprising abrasive particles containing ceria patent, US-2017173395-A1: Remote Configuration and Operation of Fitness Studios from a Central Server patent, US-2017272189-A1: Broadcast receiver and control method thereof patent, US-2015164589-A1: Device for cutting hair patent, US-2016161725-A1: Zoom lenses and image pickup apparatus including the zoom lenses patent, US-2016223141-A1: Assembly comprising a protective casing and a gas cylinder with a device for indicating pressure or autonomy in the up position patent, US-2017146834-A1: Display device patent, US-2017161031-A1: Method for sharing application program and electronic device therefor patent, US-2015347963-A1: Dynamically generating and managing flight routings using a logistics management system (lms) patent, US-2015362918-A1: Method of Operating a Remotely Accessible Unmanned Underwater Vehicle patent, US-2016034781-A1: Method for Accurately Determining the Position and Orientation of Each of a Plurality of Identical Recognition Target Objects in a Search Target Image patent, US-2016119097-A1: Codebook design and structure for advanced wireless communication systems patent, US-2015261244-A1: Power Conversion System patent, US-2016095085-A1: Selecting an operating mode based on user proximity patent, US-2016118505-A1: Display Device And Semiconductor Device patent, US-2017177259-A1: Techniques to Use Open Bit Line Information for a Memory System patent, US-2015088200-A1: Surgical implant device and surgical implant insertion assembly for the translation and fusion of a facet joint of the spine patent, US-2015184091-A1: Solids Circulation System and Method For Capture and Conversion of Reactive Solids patent, US-2016298688-A1: Spherical roller bearing arrangement patent, US-2016326999-A1: Fuel Injection Device and Fuel Injection Valve patent, US-2017081849-A1: Facade construction patent, US-2016156478-A1: Control method, device and optical transceiver patent, US-2016255020-A1: Determining virtual adapter access controls in a computing environment patent, US-2017130992-A1: System and method for adaptively controlling the charging time of a storage heater patent, US-2016284228-A1: Interactive piano training system patent, US-2015304886-A1: Wireless network controller load balancing patent, US-2016144801-A1: Retention Clip for Interior Vehicle Components patent, US-2015291816-A1: Inkjet ink composition patent, US-2015325466-A1: Substrate supporting apparatus patent, US-2017149489-A1: Repeater and methods for use therewith patent, US-2015305606-A1: Image pickup unit for endoscope patent, US-2016006304-A1: Magnetic wave gear device patent, US-2015315820-A1: Lock and case using the same patent, US-2015202973-A1: Charging apparatus with dynamical charging power and method of operating the same patent, US-2015314189-A1: Fitted wrist protective glove patent, US-2016076157-A1: Production of hydrocarbons from plant oil and animal fat patent, US-2016108449-A1: Method of producing biologically active vitamin k dependent proteins by recombinant methods patent, US-2016206970-A1: Column with angular profiles patent, US-2016242792-A1: A device for inserting a surgical pin into a bone structure patent, US-2016282362-A1: Biochemical Markers for CVD Risk Assessment patent, US-2016310228-A1: Medical system patent, US-2016318605-A1: Rotor apparatus patent, US-2016341426-A1: Oxidation resistant thermal barrier coating system for combustor panels patent, US-2016374849-A1: Packaged silicone lubricated condom that provides sensation patent, US-2017035700-A1: Coated edible plant-derived microvesicle compositions and methods for using the same patent, US-2017053599-A1: Electronic display driving scheme systems and methods patent, US-2017101652-A1: Hybrid proteins and uses thereof patent, US-2017107497-A1: Improved reliability of assays using a multi-divot platform and multi-source, multi-cell type clusters patent, US-2017152733-A1: Gas lift valve with mixed bellows and floating constant volume fluid chamber patent, US-2017176076-A1: System and method for dynamically determining refrigerant film thickness and dynamically controlling refrigerant film thickness at rolling-element bearing of an oil free chiller patent, US-2017181292-A1: Method for forming organic coating on nickel surface patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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