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US-3395327-A: High voltage direct current transmission system with condition responsive, tunable, harmonic filters patent, US-3403721-A: Tensile strengths of certain sand cores patent, US-3533951-A: Piezoelectric ceramics patent, US-3568076-A: Receiver phase shift stabilizer patent, US-2548289-A: Valve rack patent, US-2847527-A: Curb finder patent, US-2881073-A: Method of forming permanent data on magnetic recording media patent, US-3030371-A: Process for the preparation of d-and l-aryl-(2-pyridyl)-amino alkanes patent, US-3086009-A: Process for preparing a water soluble hydrolyzed starch-ferric iron complex patent, US-3191222-A: Machine for encasing sausage and the like patent, US-3440300-A: Dynamic stabilization of a platinum-alumina catalyst in an isomerization reaction patent, US-3443345-A: Covered wood construction element patent, US-3473915-A: Method of making tantalum metal powder patent, US-2418914-A: Tendering meat patent, US-2601584-A: Internal-combustion engine patent, US-2654853-A: Photoelectric apparatus patent, US-2792643-A: Drying roll patent, US-2878112-A: Method and apparatus for composting manure patent, US-2883876-A: Fast idle control system for power machinery patent, US-3100642-A: Multi-purpose carton and game patent, US-3123977-A: Blast resistant water door patent, US-3178393-A: Formaldehyde-aromatic hydrocarbon condensation product prepared with a hydrocarbon sulfonic acid patent, US-3292471-A: Roll feed attachment for duplicating apparatus patent, US-3375211-A: Ultramicrocellular polymeric structures containing an inflatant patent, US-3418262-A: Preparation of macroporous ion exchange resins patent, US-3518197-A: Lubricant compositions patent, US-2493501-A: Reversible window patent, US-2548359-A: Bag for medical and hygienic purposes patent, US-2586153-A: Bridge table cover patent, US-2911242-A: Corner connector patent, US-3330999-A: Electrolytic capacitor with dielectric film formed on ceramic material patent, US-3402024-A: Method of treating alumina patent, US-3418488-A: Switching circuit patent, US-2616077-A: Radio echo system for mapping contours patent, US-2644526-A: Casing collar for cementing wells patent, US-3233247-A: Electroluminescent photographic reproduction device patent, US-3312113-A: Torque transmission units patent, US-2690995-A: Process of recovery of oil soluble alcohols by azeotropic distillation with isopropyl alcohol patent, US-3143338-A: Hydraulic-pneumatic power assist apparatus patent, US-3289679-A: Luminous infra-red method and apparatus for accelerating coloring of hair on human head patent, US-3330072-A: Grinding machine with automatic safety drop-off control circuit therefor patent, US-3415034-A: Bottle capping machine patent, US-2528553-A: Process of magnetic roasting patent, US-3312922-A: Solid state switching device patent, US-3441895-A: Cermet resistance module patent, US-2916676-A: Control apparatus patent, US-3146349-A: Detecting hidden explosives using neutron beams patent, US-3403118-A: Fire retardant compositions comprising a polyolefin, organic bromine phosphate and dispersant patent, US-3472679-A: Coating surfaces patent, US-3436265-A: Pressure gradient web cleaning method patent, US-2774903-A: Non-actinic fluorescent lamp patent, US-2872923-A: Means for administering pressurized medicaments, gases, combinations thereof and liquids into body cavities patent, US-2669840-A: Pulsator operated percussive device patent, US-3168785-A: Ditching machine having floatingly mounted cutting head patent, US-2774922-A: Step motor and control system therefor patent, US-2145328-A: Automatic firearm patent, US-2161866-A: Printing press patent, US-2260102-A: Automobile vehicle patent, US-2311075-A: Rolling mill patent, US-3565713-A: Method of forming a ceramic image on a ceramic substrate patent, US-2773894-A: Di-cyclohexyl ethane compounds, and a process of making same patent, US-2905701-A: 2-benzofurfuryl isothiocyanate patent, US-2793344-A: Magnetic record testing means patent, US-3316324-A: Thermosetting compositions containing a liquid rubber selected from polysulfide, polymercaptan, and chlorinated polyethylene, together with an epoxide and curing agent patent, US-3441614-A: Process for the production of beta-chloroorganosulfones patent, US-2736840-A: Device comprising a glow-discharge tube for amplifying voltage pulses, and glow discharge tube for use in such devices patent, US-2904697-A: Signal translating devices and circuits patent, US-2944165-A: Semionductive device powered by light patent, US-3065703-A: Free piston engine pump patent, US-3308928-A: Apparatus for causing articles separately supplied by grip means to be deposited in a row one after another patent, US-3539595-A: Process for polyamino compounds from 6-aminomethyl-5,6- dihydro-4h-pyrans patent, US-2794829-A: Preparation of basic polyvalent metal salts of organic sulfonic acids patent, US-3380919-A: Preparation of ferromagnetic nimno patent, US-3416555-A: Reversing cocks for distributing water patent, US-3461983-A: Cutting tool having hard insert in hole surrounded by hard facing patent, US-3500807-A: Exhaust recycle system patent, US-2881980-A: Fuel injection nozzle patent, US-3436510-A: Electron beam machining apparatus for producing high definition encoders patent, US-3443774-A: Remote controlled spinning missile system patent, US-3478341-A: Random access magnetic disc storage device with peripheral bearing means patent, US-3003075-A: Infra-red sensitive devices patent, US-3303026-A: Vacuum infiltrating of tungsten powder bodies with copper-titanium alloys patent, US-3513175-A: 2-oxo-tetrahydrofurans patent, US-3558053-A: Aerating liquid discharge nozzles patent, US-3115450-A: Nuclear reactor containment apparatus patent, US-9543939-B2: Trigger circuit and light apparatus comprising the same patent, US-3253276-A: Signal lantern lens patent, US-3363955-A: Desk construction patent, US-3407152-A: Foam plastics and process for making them patent, US-2869375-A: Step-by-step ratchet drive patent, US-3458676-A: Circuit interrupter of the gaseous puffer-type having series high-current explosion chamber with series-connected activated carbon therein patent, US-3482553-A: Internal combustion engine overhead camshaft drive means patent, US-2972535-A: Quaternary salts of c-vinylpyridine polymers with compounds containing a haloacetyl group patent, US-3178672-A: Double-ended connector for terminal board patent, US-3301916-A: Double bond isomerization of olefins using anhydrous metal sulfate catalysts patent, US-3416283-A: Combination wood and metal trusses patent, US-3500082-A: Drive unit for flexible shafts patent, US-2015196212-A1: System and method for reconstructing cardiac activation information patent, US-2015310672-A1: Augmented reality method applied to the integration of a pair of spectacles into an image of a face patent, US-2015317823-A1: Rendering based on multiple projections patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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