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US-2716092-A: Vinyl chloride resins stabilized with a mixture containing a phenolate and a polyvalent metal salt of a fatty acid patent, US-2744371-A: Wrapping machines patent, US-2747432-A: Hydraulic transmissions patent, US-2766064-A: Paint gun patent, US-2884853-A: Differing stencils forming device patent, US-2887866-A: Door latch operating apparatus patent, US-2902033-A: Inhaler mask with visual means patent, US-2933583-A: High frequency coil transformer switch patent, US-2993025-A: Polyoxymethylene compositions stabilized with a synthetic superpolyamide patent, US-3008097-A: Microwave switch patent, US-3073283-A: Balance weight patent, US-3093214-A: Self-contained brake patent, US-3110291-A: Steam generating unit patent, US-3116423-A: Keying circuit with four terminal network for independent keying of plural repeaters without interference patent, US-3139087-A: Snorkel with whistle attached thereto patent, US-3140803-A: Liquid pump adapted for fireextinguishing, etc. patent, US-3149403-A: Molded magnetic rolls patent, US-3152175-A: Production of nu-substituted carbamyl chlorides patent, US-3157376-A: Arrangement for feeding consumer means through conveying means to parts movable on tracks patent, US-3158412-A: Air bearing patent, US-3161181-A: Process for running-in internal combustion engines patent, US-3220873-A: Coating and impregnation of articles by spark generated shock waves patent, US-3226684-A: Computer control apparatus patent, US-3244139-A: Marking apparatus patent, US-3251088-A: Adjustable hinge assembly patent, US-3267951-A: Discharger for condensation water patent, US-3274789-A: Process for removing congealed impurities from a gas expander patent, US-3291621-A: Ultraviolet light-absorbing glass patent, US-3304825-A: Triggering control for severing device patent, US-9514646-B2: Method for assisting vehicle parking using sensors on both a parking vehicle and a parked vehicle patent, US-3314487-A: Mounting bracket for a ground conditioning tool patent, US-3316801-A: Microscope in combination with a microspark probe including an unshielded electrode of small tip radius patent, US-3369315-A: Cap-firing toy gun including a striking mass having a bore therethrough patent, US-3386501-A: Finned tube heat transfer unit with control guides patent, US-3405699-A: Engine braking system with trip valve controlled piston patent, US-3408885-A: Tool support patent, US-3409737-A: Foetal monitor patent, US-3414612-A: Method for preparing acyl fluorides patent, US-3426214-A: Electric power generating system patent, US-3427630-A: Fluid pressure recorder patent, US-3428489-A: Pipeline scraper-passing method and system patent, US-3432050-A: Reaching loader with guided lift cylinders patent, US-3434016-A: Traffic signal system patent, US-3521525-A: Machine tools patent, US-3528059-A: Reading device having tolerance limits patent, US-3530103-A: Copolymers of carbon bisulfide and certain monoolefinic monomers patent, US-2420943-A: Lighting equipment patent, US-2453484-A: Electrolytic signal recording patent, US-2473403-A: Hydrophilic dye intermediates patent, US-2507224-A: Snap fastener patent, US-2507260-A: Air-cooled burner for furnaces patent, US-2532116-A: Infant's teething toy patent, US-2535524-A: Vulcanizable rubber composition patent, US-2563394-A: Process fob improving the charac patent, US-2578154-A: Radiant energy antenna patent, US-2604654-A: Hinge assembly for swinging doors patent, US-2605563-A: Self-contained grab bucket unit for hoist lines patent, US-2673929-A: Integrating circuit patent, US-2690561-A: Apparatus for inserting and extracting thumbtacks patent, US-2709096-A: Resilient bushing and method of making same patent, US-2755596-A: Mechanical system for a flying toy patent, US-2773561-A: Silver-palladium film for separation and purification of hydrogen patent, US-2788925-A: Metering valve patent, US-2807432-A: Means of fastening flexible tubing to a duct collar patent, US-2822710-A: Workpiece anchoring v block patent, US-2834808-A: Rational speed synchronizing switch patent, US-2846773-A: Checking cutter teeth patent, US-2864692-A: Recovery of copper and cobalt values from sulphate leach solutions patent, US-2865223-A: Vehicle steering device patent, US-2871226-A: Elastomeric condensation products prepared from polyether glycols patent, US-2879630-A: Grinding of gear-wheels patent, US-2883610-A: Generator protective systems patent, US-2962455-A: Cellular polyurethane resins and preparation of same patent, US-2976571-A: Mold venting structure patent, US-2985578-A: Improved gasoline fuel components patent, US-2999871-A: Process of improving the odor of sulfoalkyl esters of fatty acids patent, US-3001308-A: Date marking device for calendars patent, US-3010562-A: Apparatus for bulk loading sheet metal cans patent, US-3021504-A: Apparatus for controlling the effective compressibility of a liquid patent, US-3044075-A: Protective device patent, US-3063677-A: Band stresser patent, US-3087059-A: X-ray decubitus table patent, US-3110672-A: Lubricant addition agents patent, US-3111936-A: Heat exchange control apparatus patent, US-3130894-A: Multi-compartment carton and blank therefor patent, US-3132768-A: Measurer and funnel patent, US-3151173-A: Process for producing 5-alkylidene norbornene patent, US-3206098-A: End wall construction of folding boxes patent, US-3236376-A: Dust removing apparatus for an article classifier patent, US-3279154-A: Gas purification apparatus patent, US-3299086-A: Process for the preparation of mercaptobenzthiazole patent, US-3337336-A: Addition agents for sintering purposes patent, US-3366989-A: Windshield wiper arms patent, US-3415662-A: Laminate material patent, US-3420988-A: Digital counting equipments patent, US-3428708-A: N,n-dialkylglycidylamine-capped polyols patent, US-3430704-A: Combination yard and garden tool patent, US-3443136-A: Single field coil motor stator and method of making the same patent, US-3446184-A: Apparatus for powder development of liquid latent images patent, US-3478701-A: Boxcar construction patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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