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US-2199150-A: Method of making composite metal pipe patent, US-2200257-A: Golf ball patent, US-2203422-A: Apparatus for drying patent, US-2205673-A: Press patent, US-2210519-A: Vehicle cab patent, US-2215585-A: Sound listening device patent, US-2216610-A: Signaling system patent, US-2217860-A: Split cathode multiplier patent, US-2217973-A: Machine tool patent, US-2219550-A: Composition and process for making a flexible product patent, US-2227239-A: Filtering apparatus patent, US-2227899-A: Fuel burner patent, US-2229801-A: Tap jumping rope patent, US-2230096-A: Door latch patent, US-2230341-A: Balancing or weighing device patent, US-2232026-A: Sash hanging device patent, US-2238898-A: Intaglio printing machine for manufacturing name markers patent, US-2239709-A: Separator device patent, US-2243221-A: Modulated carrier wave transmitter patent, US-2245787-A: Examining bodies by means of neutrons and electron emitting material patent, US-2249525-A: Purification of vitamin a esters patent, US-2251142-A: Wheel assembly patent, US-2253930-A: Pressure and temperature relief valve patent, US-2255593-A: Tube coupling patent, US-2259239-A: Manufacture of bags patent, US-2261898-A: Automatic gearshift transmission for automobiles together with improvements in clutches and gearboxes patent, US-2263821-A: Tab opening device patent, US-2272819-A: Hospital table patent, US-2285169-A: Well pump patent, US-2286960-A: Device for separating strip material patent, US-2288024-A: Gas valve patent, US-2291216-A: Polymerization of olefins patent, US-2294334-A: Method of treating aluminum patent, US-2296386-A: Chemical process patent, US-2296687-A: Hydroxylation of unsaturated halides patent, US-2296957-A: Clutch and vibration balancer patent, US-2301027-A: Method of casting patent, US-2305260-A: Water-soluble heterocyclic therapeutic compounds patent, US-2305841-A: Quick disconnect coupling with flow check patent, US-2306445-A: High velocity sewer flusher patent, US-2307991-A: Fluid lift valve patent, US-2316551-A: Toy train controller patent, US-2323561-A: Means for destroying aircraft patent, US-2324073-A: Treating hydrocarbons patent, US-2325273-A: Copyholder patent, US-232559-A: Chaeles a patent, US-2328579-A: Fiber container patent, US-2334257-A: Method of making blowpipe nozzles patent, US-2337666-A: Wax coating for storage hams patent, US-2340125-A: Fluid pressure accumulator patent, US-2352150-A: Tape dispensing apparatus and moistening means therefor patent, US-2353259-A: Shingle patent, US-2361796-A: Grate patent, US-2362618-A: Gelatin dynamites patent, US-2370549-A: Vinyl ester and method of preparation thereof patent, US-2383992-A: Induction heating apparatus and flux field control thereof patent, US-2384870-A: Bottle disposal rack patent, US-2385388-A: Bearing seal patent, US-2386810-A: Gels comprising silica patent, US-2387690-A: Fuel injection patent, US-2390824-A: Phase inverter patent, US-2394704-A: Manufacture of wooden soles patent, US-2398445-A: Depth charge arbor patent, US-2398796-A: Heel seat fitting machine patent, US-2399528-A: Length in terms of weight measuring device patent, US-2400443-A: Portable carton patent, US-2400474-A: Adhesives comprising an olefin polysulphide rubber patent, US-2400514-A: Self-energizing grip patent, US-2405480-A: Polymerization process patent, US-2407061-A: Process of treating polyvinyl alcohol patent, US-2407512-A: Machine patent, US-2412024-A: Sectional container patent, US-3532187-A: Stabilizer brake apparatus patent, US-3538981-A: Apparatus for casting directionally solidified articles patent, US-3540423-A: Evaporative emission control system patent, US-3540624-A: Aerosol package having a combined actuator and overcap construction and method for making said construction patent, US-3547232-A: Explosive actuated brake patent, US-3549847-A: Graphite susceptor patent, US-3556624-A: Range control panel assembly patent, US-3557622-A: Apparatus for measuring hydrostatic pressure of liquid compositions patent, US-3566682-A: Radioactivity and electrical logging tool combination patent, US-2442874-A: Cyclic process for the manufacture of sodium sulfate and chlorine patent, US-2506457-A: Dehalogenation process patent, US-2535042-A: Preparation of iron carbides patent, US-2590863-A: Cold cathode gas tube amplifier patent, US-2601984-A: Sheet feeding apparatus patent, US-2615811-A: Process of increasing adhesion of coatings to deep-fat fried foods patent, US-2656509-A: Apparatus for measuring the vector difference of two alternating current voltages patent, US-2680651-A: Fuel injector patent, US-2722324-A: Hanger bracket pump mountings patent, US-2781697-A: Trigger mechanism for a semiautomatic firearm patent, US-2783897-A: Mechanism for orienting and transferring buttons patent, US-2801032-A: Dispensing valve units patent, US-2819512-A: Automatic constant tension control with high-speed pick-up patent, US-2833689-A: Fungicidal compositions comprising benzothiazole and benzoxazole carbonic acid estersand method of control of fungi patent, US-2870214-A: Preparation of aldehydes from diols by a dehydration rearrangement reaction patent, US-2887499-A: Hydroxylated steroid intermediates and methods for their manufacture patent, US-2890986-A: Process for preparing kallikrein inactivator patent, US-2893227-A: Sinker cap for circular knitting machines patent, US-2894960-A: 3alpha-succinoxy-11-hydroxy-12-keto-delta9,(11)-cholenic acid and its derivatives patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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