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US-3389970-A: Liquid-liquid extraction column having rotatable pumping impeller assemblies patent, US-3390684-A: Cigarette with controllable mildness patent, US-3421336-A: Intransit liquefied gas refrigeration system patent, US-3426800-A: Bistable fluid valves patent, US-3436047-A: Mounting assembly patent, US-3452952-A: Holder for hose ends patent, US-3484973-A: Illuminated free-swinging signboard patent, US-3534846-A: Typewriter for braille dots patent, US-3548538-A: Toy gun patent, US-2422912-A: Closure for automobile bodies of station wagon type patent, US-2428461-A: Checker brick heat exchanger patent, US-2494401-A: Device for counting persons ascending and descending a flight of steps patent, US-2510187-A: Tape feeder for packaging machines patent, US-2531585-A: Combination flashlight, eyepiece, and headgear patent, US-2539410-A: Method of forming a glass film on metal patent, US-2548888-A: Radio range training device patent, US-2572237-A: Combination tool patent, US-2591721-A: Machine for processing materials patent, US-2595881-A: Compensated thermometer patent, US-2606491-A: Type bar patent, US-2609033-A: Utility stool patent, US-2613611-A: Removing lint by variable-speed traveling blower patent, US-2687269-A: Vibration absorption unit patent, US-2702997-A: Egg cup patent, US-2710196-A: Refuse carrying device patent, US-2715877-A: Snubbing means for springs of railway car trucks patent, US-2779572-A: Housing for air conditioning units patent, US-2810068-A: Portable electronic unit patent, US-2811989-A: Cutting and forming apparatus for rolled stock patent, US-2852881-A: Artificial bait patent, US-2871704-A: Inner gimbal pickoff patent, US-2915670-A: Klystron amplifier patent, US-2964076-A: Band saw guide and cleaner patent, US-3023336-A: Cathode ray tube having post acceleration patent, US-3028865-A: Cigar making machines patent, US-3032674-A: Electron gun structure for cathode ray tube patent, US-3044867-A: Method for the production of metallicceramic materials patent, US-3048363-A: Butterfly valve patent, US-3061372-A: High load capacity seat construction patent, US-3083683-A: Process and apparatus for cleaning and polishing containers patent, US-3099089-A: Transparent sheet provided with characters and instrumentalities for using such characters patent, US-3110249-A: Print wheel indexing means patent, US-3148717-A: Apparatus for sectionizing citrus fruit patent, US-3163734-A: Vacuum-type circuit interrupter with improved vapor-condensing shielding patent, US-3182534-A: Cutting tool patent, US-3193871-A: Hanger for sliding doors patent, US-3214903-A: Jet boat nozzle patent, US-3315149-A: High stability regulated voltage supply patent, US-3327983-A: Door frame support patent, US-3388270-A: Schmitt trigger or multivibrator control of a diode bridge microsecond switch and chopper circuit patent, US-3476112-A: Surgical instrument for removal of thin layers patent, US-2417728-A: Circuit breaker patent, US-2452970-A: Treatment of water patent, US-2496661-A: Production of nitriles patent, US-2570210-A: Evaporation method and apparatus patent, US-2574900-A: Steam applicator patent, US-2587955-A: Corrosion preventive composition patent, US-2603266-A: Handbag patent, US-2631789-A: Magnetic recording apparatus patent, US-2646026-A: Thermal motor with injection cylinder patent, US-2693193-A: Cigarette holder patent, US-2700573-A: Hand truck for transporting building materials patent, US-2718827-A: Paper calender patent, US-2774337-A: Actuator assembly with load sensing means patent, US-2814393-A: Riveting machine with multiple rivet transfer patent, US-2845940-A: Gas lift mandrel and valve patent, US-2888589-A: Automatic assembly of radio-tube mounts patent, US-2897654-A: Piles for marine structures patent, US-2900121-A: Cellular carton patent, US-2929281-A: Machine and method for shaping articles patent, US-2963730-A: Brush element patent, US-2979392-A: Foaming of granulated metal patent, US-3002874-A: Apparatus for the manufacture of pneumatic tyres patent, US-3025649-A: Garment bagging machine patent, US-3075408-A: Drive axle transmission patent, US-3110067-A: Apparatus for producing refractory lined molds patent, US-3145592-A: Repair plug applicator for tubeless tires patent, US-3228274-A: Size reduction of sheet material patent, US-3280418-A: Squeezer for mop heads patent, US-3363911-A: Shaft seal patent, US-3365862-A: Fluid atomizer patent, US-3374196-A: Slow-drying latex paints comprising urea-polyol solutions patent, US-3403604-A: Diaphragm seal patent, US-3499458-A: Fluid jet modulating control patent, US-2497885-A: Carpet sweeper patent, US-2556059-A: Electric incandescent lamp and method of manufacturing patent, US-2557498-A: Swing joint patent, US-2581394-A: Method of and apparatus for measuring the thickness of nonconducting coatings or films patent, US-9502667-B2: Organic electroluminescence patent, US-2600663-A: Driven steering wheel assembly for coal loaders patent, US-2605948-A: Machine for filling containers with semiliquid products patent, US-2668018-A: Side drawing winding device patent, US-2698598-A: Amusement and exercising device for animals patent, US-2724775-A: High frequency oscillators patent, US-2750863-A: Implement hitch for tractors patent, US-2761573-A: Vehicle dumping apparatus patent, US-2879084-A: Sealed coupling for radially and angularly misaligned ducts patent, US-2921390-A: Ballast plow for use under railway tracks patent, US-2960824-A: Rocket starter for gas turbine patent, US-2989204-A: Containers having removable closure caps patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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