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US-3301483-A: Regulating device for furnaces, particularly annealing furnaces patent, US-3313844-A: Process for preparation of bis-(beta-hydroxyethyl) terephthalate patent, US-3315519-A: Surgical glove leak tester patent, US-3320625-A: Winged surfboards patent, US-3323345-A: Roll changing apparatus patent, US-3326218-A: Post pregnancy brassiere patent, US-3330780-A: Allophanates as viscosity index improvers patent, US-3345243-A: Apertured nonwoven fabric with channels between apertures patent, US-3366731-A: Television distribution system permitting program substitution for selected viewers patent, US-3370801-A: Skew pulley elevator patent, US-3383826-A: Method for packing garment hangers patent, US-3396963-A: Resilient cushion structure patent, US-3398002-A: Universal fountain solution for planographic printing patent, US-3408328-A: Sulphur phenoplasts and the obtaining thereof patent, US-3411636-A: Transfer device patent, US-3411719-A: Centrifugal distributor for fertilizer and other materials in powder or granules patent, US-3425254-A: Rolling of slabs patent, US-3442179-A: Double-acting explosive actuator patent, US-3447424-A: Hydraulic cylinders having a quick exhaust patent, US-3458998-A: Dual-mode power steering system patent, US-3460576-A: Pressure regulating control valve device patent, US-3473171-A: Toilet system for trailers patent, US-3476234-A: Self-balancing vibrating structures patent, US-3477727-A: Spindle adapter patent, US-3482613-A: Timber shear patent, US-3494180-A: Vibration sensor patent, US-3507448-A: Interest calculator patent, US-3518607-A: Safety ground device patent, US-3524149-A: Frequency modulated oscillator circuit utilizing avalanche diode patent, US-3525915-A: Speed control for d.c. motors with counter emf sampling circuit patent, US-3534037-A: Spiro-(imidazolidine and pyrimidine-quinoline and cyclopropa(c)quinoline) compounds patent, US-3541732-A: Vehicle window adjusting means patent, US-2421517-A: Pivoted dial calipers patent, US-2422047-A: Miniature railway unit patent, US-2425763-A: Mop clamping device patent, US-2441417-A: Rack for milk bottles patent, US-2442508-A: Pocket cigarette lighter patent, US-2456872-A: Brassiere patent, US-2457444-A: Tie rod end installation patent, US-2459272-A: Socket patent, US-2460219-A: High-temperature hydrocarbon conversion process patent, US-2462532-A: Sound system which compensates for variable noise levels patent, US-2476331-A: Method of making methyl carboxymethyl cellulose patent, US-2477989-A: Safety jacket patent, US-2481191-A: Device for detaching type plates from magnetic chases patent, US-2492627-A: Suction nozzle patent, US-2504562-A: Coat hanger patent, US-2506883-A: Weedless fishhook patent, US-2509129-A: Liquid catcher for nursing bottles patent, US-2514682-A: Variable resistor apparatus patent, US-2514736-A: Soldering iron patent, US-2516639-A: Altimeter patent, US-2518081-A: Means and method for maintaining sterilization patent, US-2519298-A: Toy water-borne projectile patent, US-2525446-A: Butter conditioner patent, US-2529969-A: Shuttle-holding and mounting mechanism for sewing and quilting machines patent, US-2531787-A: Apparatus for converting bundles of continuous filaments into a sliver or roving of staple fiber patent, US-2532621-A: Pretreatment of hydrocarbon synthesis catalysts patent, US-2539929-A: Apparatus for dispensing fluids from a container under pressure patent, US-2545661-A: Flanged container for electric condensers patent, US-2545781-A: Hand guided tractor patent, US-2562221-A: Dual extraction of grease, glue, and gelatin patent, US-2564591-A: Sheet feed interrupter means for printing presses patent, US-2573663-A: Control device for heat exchange systems patent, US-2575382-A: Fiber lubricant composition patent, US-2578579-A: Ball bouncing pull toy patent, US-2581833-A: Towing hitch patent, US-2586963-A: Cathode-ray tube analyzing and recording apparatus patent, US-2592513-A: Throttle dashpot mechanism patent, US-2599747-A: Sliding door mounting device patent, US-2603485-A: Spider and web simulation patent, US-2605591-A: Car wheel grinding machine patent, US-2608086-A: Key holder frame patent, US-2611831-A: Cord support for hearing aids patent, US-2618280-A: Coin refill mechanism patent, US-2619277-A: Multiply window bag patent, US-2625217-A: Window screen patent, US-2625257-A: Speed control of conveyer drives patent, US-2625603-A: Television pulse separation circuit patent, US-2631301-A: Combined convalescent couch and bedpan support for babies patent, US-2641722-A: Eddy-current ring construction for electrical machines patent, US-2656479-A: Mount for electron discharge devices patent, US-2660803-A: Templet and supporting frame for locating hinge butt recesses in doors and doorframes patent, US-2667081-A: Operating device for change-speed gearings of bicycles patent, US-2667480-A: Manufacture of cellulose ether patent, US-2670759-A: Safety relief valve patent, US-2673139-A: Manufacture of aluminum fluoride catalyst patent, US-2674272-A: Dobby for shuttleless automatic looms patent, US-2674620-A: Process for preparing a mixture of trichloroacetic derivatives and reaction products thereof patent, US-2676265-A: Liquid level measuring device patent, US-2676484-A: Explosives tester patent, US-2677987-A: Microscope stage moving mechanism patent, US-2681006-A: Multicolor printing ink and printing plate testing press patent, US-2681171-A: Box loading and conveying machine patent, US-2685526-A: Glass composition patent, US-2686688-A: Locking device for a casement type window patent, US-2687515-A: Swivel plug adapter patent, US-2691885-A: Apparatus for detecting thermoplastic properties patent, US-2697027-A: Manufacture of bf3 patent, US-2718030-A: Mold manipulating apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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