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US-3004727-A: Automatic film cartridge loading machine patent, US-3006967-A: Trichlorinated benzyloxyalkanols patent, US-3014053-A: Process for producing derivatives of vitamin a aldehyde and products thereof patent, US-3014239-A: Machines for producing formed articles made of thermoplastic foil material patent, US-3034284-A: Contact device for electric watches patent, US-3034870-A: Method of removing air and water contaminants trapped with the crystal structure of sodium chloride patent, US-3048316-A: Face powder containers patent, US-3051237-A: Apparatus for varying well pump stroke patent, US-3056328-A: Electrical musical instrument employing piano damper pedal operated switch patent, US-3060374-A: Battery testers patent, US-3067331-A: Pocket dosimeter patent, US-3072191-A: Heat transfer petroleum recovery process patent, US-3075758-A: Articulated-arm torch cutting machine patent, US-3091736-A: Radio communications equipment with sectionalized chassis and heat sinks patent, US-3097352-A: Krasnahira patent, US-3099788-A: Mono- and polyphase alternating current generators patent, US-3119950-A: Counter circuit with diode matrix feeding signals to transistor switches which control cold cathode indicator patent, US-3129237-A: Process for the preparation of bis-hydro-carbon compounds of chromium patent, US-3131246-A: Electric furnace patent, US-3144911-A: Mechanical control system for the inward rocking of the independent shares of a plough removing spoil heaps in vineyards patent, US-3160563-A: Purification of heaprin patent, US-3162978-A: Toy vehicle with coil spring suspension patent, US-3163023-A: Display case patent, US-3178211-A: Lever lock mechanism patent, US-3183445-A: Phase comparator "and" gate patent, US-3187459-A: Toy washing machine patent, US-3198223-A: End guide for chain saw patent, US-3207171-A: Back-flow preventing valve patent, US-3212355-A: Control mechanism patent, US-3214530-A: Padlock-receiving locking attachment for pivotable operating handles of electrical control devices patent, US-3218631-A: Code converter patent, US-3220466-A: Power-operated hatch covers patent, US-3239156-A: Paper towel holder patent, US-3247512-A: Microwave antenna patent, US-3254902-A: Automotive anti-sway bar patent, US-3258967-A: Fuel gauge circuitry for drop tanks patent, US-3274983-A: Sloping push rod rocker arm mounting patent, US-3282384-A: Motor and brake control for lift trucks patent, US-3284838-A: Fountain brush patent, US-3290400-A: Process for the production of cycloalkenes patent, US-3312235-A: Detergent dispensing apparatus patent, US-3320357-A: Insulator for flag type terminals patent, US-3358890-A: Dispenser device for flowable material patent, US-3364912-A: Self-cleaning gas oven patent, US-3365207-A: Compensating-universal chuck patent, US-3370826-A: Valve assembly for fire extinguisher patent, US-3389678-A: Display for radio altimeter patent, US-3390759-A: Shield and hub for disposable needle patent, US-3392643-A: Photographic camera having automatic daylight and flash exposure control with electrical compensation of coupled exposure meter during flash exposures patent, US-3406649-A: Method and apparatus for drydocking a boat hull or other floating structure in a body of water patent, US-3411041-A: Heat exchanger package for high-density, high-powered electronic modules patent, US-3411211-A: Dental tool patent, US-3420881-A: Reclamation process patent, US-3423441-A: Process for preparation of iodinated lecithin patent, US-3428104-A: Fireproof envelope patent, US-3434856-A: Single-stage process for making paving mixes patent, US-3446942-A: Window de-icing controller circuit patent, US-3453568-A: Electric circuit breaker with improved auxiliary device patent, US-3463411-A: Reel and web retaining means therefor patent, US-3464239-A: Laundry apparatus patent, US-3465560-A: Tube bending apparatus patent, US-3486540-A: Electric pencil sharpener patent, US-3491608-A: Pulleys patent, US-3495242-A: Automatic correlation circuits patent, US-3505589-A: Very high frequency limiter patent, US-3508833-A: Aim assessment apparatus patent, US-3526768-A: 2-substituted naphth(1,2)oxazole scintillators patent, US-3527330-A: Coin changer with removable components patent, US-3533052-A: Electrical cord plugs patent, US-3538733-A: Prestressed rolling mill with reversed clamping patent, US-3555194-A: Interstation synchronization apparatus patent, US-2420685-A: Fastening inserting machine patent, US-2427427-A: Shock absorber patent, US-2428383-A: Liquid dispensing apparatus patent, US-2430965-A: Inking mechanism using water base inks patent, US-2438765-A: Adjustable anvil for micrometer calipers patent, US-2445874-A: Radiation thermopile and method of making the same patent, US-2462317-A: Cloth lifter for cloth cutting machines patent, US-2462717-A: Button fastener patent, US-2471182-A: Dynamoelectric machine patent, US-2473308-A: Treatment of cellulosic textiles with strong hydroxide and acrylonitrile patent, US-2498060-A: Socket for pit props patent, US-2515065-A: Means for controlling the cyclic operation of components of a power plant patent, US-2516110-A: Device for applying liquid adhesive to workpieces patent, US-2520221-A: Joint patent, US-2525445-A: Photometer patent, US-2539427-A: Can capping machine patent, US-2543842-A: Polysulfone resin process and composition patent, US-2545922-A: Pulsed echo sounder and like subaqueous distance measuring apparatus patent, US-2551289-A: Pneumatic vibrating machine patent, US-2556881-A: Negative attenuation amplifier discharge device patent, US-2576690-A: Adjustable hat crease retainer patent, US-2583587-A: Electric integrating circuit patent, US-2591851-A: Agricultural implement patent, US-2604824-A: Jordan engine construction patent, US-2608009-A: Scoop dumping mechanism patent, US-2623092-A: Electrical connector patent, US-2625107-A: Submersible sump pump control patent, US-2632051-A: Balancing network for loaded transmission lines patent, US-2639573-A: Nut harvesting machine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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