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US-3381009-A: Triazole-(4,3-a)-pyridines patent, US-3381691-A: Tobacco product patent, US-3385934-A: Telephone repertory dialer patent, US-3391256-A: Cover guard for pay telephone station patent, US-3403647-A: Sewing needle particularly adapted for sewing with threads of synthetic fibers patent, US-3405155-A: Process for the preparation of diphenylsilanediol patent, US-3407236-A: Fluoroalkyl orthoesters patent, US-3420601-A: Materials and structures for optical faraday rotation devices patent, US-3423423-A: 2-(2,4,5-trichlorobenzyl)-2-imidazoline patent, US-3427209-A: Quick response heat-sensing element patent, US-3453315-A: 9-isopropylidenyl-9,10-dihydro-anthracene-10-carboxylic acid esters patent, US-3454597-A: Cyclic sulfates and their preparation patent, US-3470753-A: Radio pushbutton support assembly patent, US-3483725-A: Flattener for tube bender patent, US-3487742-A: Inner tone for a musical instrument patent, US-3499039-A: Preparation of tertiary phosphines patent, US-3538047-A: Stabilized olefin polymer compositions patent, US-3541397-A: Circuit limited plug-in panel boards with geometrically coded aperture discrimination means patent, US-3549649-A: 1-amino-pyridinium salts patent, US-3562496-A: Data-sensing device patent, US-2431269-A: Tapered boring attachment patent, US-2434826-A: Auto top ski carrier patent, US-2438068-A: Conveyor slack take-up mechanism patent, US-2441041-A: Two-step relay patent, US-2443291-A: Production of trichloroacetamide patent, US-2454702-A: Circuit controller patent, US-2459008-A: Ratchet-operating means patent, US-2466341-A: Container forming machine patent, US-2474287-A: Voltage regulator patent, US-2479390-A: Electric motor operated timer control system patent, US-2480200-A: Biotin intermediate patent, US-2480623-A: Drive for phonographs and the like patent, US-2487790-A: Electrical junction assembly box patent, US-2489518-A: Stabilized vinyl chloride resins patent, US-2490513-A: Corrugated tube patent, US-2508540-A: Temper control for molding sand patent, US-2514853-A: Holder for reels of developed photographic paper patent, US-2522585-A: Metal button patent, US-2534081-A: Support shield for hangers patent, US-2541797-A: Audio-frequency band filter with adjustable band width patent, US-2541958-A: Valve actuating mechanism for hydraulic motors patent, US-2546333-A: Refrigerator door latch patent, US-2547226-A: Means of attaching wing tip fuel tanks to airplanes patent, US-2549609-A: Separation of fluorinated hydrocarbons by distillation with hydrogen fluoride patent, US-2560985-A: Lounge chair patent, US-2580602-A: Polybutadiene padding bath for shrinkproofing wool patent, US-2596828-A: Apparatus for moving pipe patent, US-2599637-A: Automobile battery circuit breaker patent, US-2616016-A: Rotary electric resistance welder patent, US-2625406-A: Safety coupling mechanism for semitrailers patent, US-2630088-A: Looper throwout mechanism patent, US-2645331-A: Endless conveyer for poultry feeding apparatus patent, US-2656480-A: Filament tensioning device patent, US-2657245-A: Process for the manufacture of tetramethylethylene patent, US-2684025-A: Strut connection between spaced apart members patent, US-2686742-A: Method of making a wrought iron product patent, US-2699463-A: Noise inverter circuits patent, US-2708349-A: Frozen food cabinet patent, US-2708988-A: Axle engaging device for vehicle lift patent, US-2712036-A: Teletypewriter keyboard patent, US-2714179-A: Multi-electrode gaseous-discharge tube circuits patent, US-2718242-A: Temple thread cutter patent, US-2718891-A: Apparatus for treating tobacco patent, US-2724184-A: Collapsible t-square patent, US-2725545-A: Electrical connector having insulation penetrating means contactiong the conductors patent, US-2747279-A: Stop device for automatic glass cutting apparatus for cross cutting patent, US-2754328-A: Preparation of thia-amines patent, US-2779053-A: Method and apparatus for producing oriented plastic films patent, US-2779916-A: Means for detecting eccentricity in insulated electric conductors patent, US-2780109-A: Hinge pin lock patent, US-2787761-A: Electronic tube testing apparatus patent, US-2791847-A: Page turner patent, US-2793517-A: Control device for gas-lighted flashing beacons patent, US-2797199-A: Corrosion inhibitor patent, US-2798369-A: Outboard motor mounting patent, US-2804044-A: Block coating apparatus patent, US-2806459-A: Variable control device for timing motor valves patent, US-2816429-A: Automatic washer-dryer patent, US-2816439-A: Produce hardness tester patent, US-2828338-A: Production of organic acids patent, US-2832218-A: Coriolis mass flowmeter patent, US-2837745-A: Supporting device patent, US-2838905-A: Electric clock cord storage device patent, US-2844836-A: Folding brush patent, US-2852482-A: Vinylidene polymer-dialkyl phthalatealkyl ester plastisol compositions patent, US-2857128-A: Safety shutoff coupling patent, US-2870409-A: Meter with logarithmic amplifier patent, US-2888925-A: Vaginal syringe apparatus patent, US-2892258-A: Actuating device patent, US-2893255-A: Chain or belt tensioning devices patent, US-2914199-A: Boat trailer motor support patent, US-2935270-A: Collapsible roller patent, US-2952594-A: Latent-foaming vinyl aromatic polymer compositions and method of making the same patent, US-2969363-A: Novel salts of barbituric acids: and method of preparing same patent, US-2976446-A: Electroluminescent structures patent, US-2976579-A: Method for making tampons patent, US-2984224-A: Reversing valves for fluid operated pumps patent, US-2988551-A: Piperazine derivatives patent, US-2994365-A: Automobile footrest patent, US-2996534-A: Preparation of metal tetralkoxyborates patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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