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US-2238664-A: Heavy-duty sheet metal nut patent, US-2239790-A: Remote indicator patent, US-2239980-A: Dextran ether ester patent, US-2240643-A: Skin clamp patent, US-2241072-A: Apparatus for use in connection with manufacture of cigarettes patent, US-2242075-A: Cinder pot assembly patent, US-2242414-A: Cushioning unit patent, US-2242655-A: Impulse timepiece patent, US-2242659-A: Fluid meter patent, US-2242663-A: Means and method of setting up eyeglasses, spectacles, rimless mountings, and lenses patent, US-2243085-A: Process of producing textile yarns patent, US-2243674-A: Method and means for testing ink requirements patent, US-2244191-A: Fly exterminator patent, US-2244955-A: Electric sign contact patent, US-2245125-A: Magnetic switch patent, US-2245596-A: Circuit control means patent, US-2246212-A: Safety hook patent, US-2247163-A: Coupling patent, US-2248262-A: Grinding valve stems and tappets patent, US-2249070-A: Excavating apparatus patent, US-2249546-A: Twin-fluke anchor patent, US-2250175-A: Trussless roof construction patent, US-2250900-A: Steam boiler patent, US-2251123-A: Motor driven fishing reel patent, US-2252002-A: Telephone and other electric wave transmission systems patent, US-2252031-A: Apparatus for activating cement on shoe soles patent, US-2254022-A: Electrical wave generator patent, US-2255198-A: Multiple break gas blast circuit breaker patent, US-2255400-A: Mounting bracket patent, US-2255621-A: Total control means for adding machines patent, US-2256833-A: Control device patent, US-2258382-A: Apparatus for the projection of upright pictures patent, US-2259016-A: Cooking range patent, US-2261535-A: Plug valve assembly patent, US-2263780-A: Top roll for the drawing mechanisms of spinning, roving, and similar machines patent, US-2264310-A: Magnesium base alloy patent, US-2265632-A: Electron tube base patent, US-2266115-A: Shirt protector patent, US-2266208-A: Flame cutting method and apparatus patent, US-2266333-A: Piezoelectric unit and method of making same patent, US-2266780-A: Package receiving and delivering receptacle patent, US-2267254-A: Spherical vehicle patent, US-2267524-A: Steering gear patent, US-2267885-A: Printing mechanism for computing machines patent, US-2268043-A: Rail bond patent, US-2268180-A: Alarm apparatus patent, US-2268373-A: Overload release clutch patent, US-2268486-A: Vacuum drying cylinder patent, US-2269664-A: Seal construction patent, US-2269938-A: Implement for treating concrete and like plastic materials patent, US-2272047-A: Insecticide patent, US-2272157-A: Record disk patent, US-2272442-A: Milk dispenser patent, US-2272471-A: Coffee maker patent, US-2273593-A: Resins containing rubber patent, US-2273738-A: Trap patent, US-2273925-A: Stabilized drilling mud patent, US-2274122-A: Traveling repeat welder patent, US-2275461-A: Mop wringer patent, US-2276536-A: Cover construction for loose-leaf binders patent, US-2276551-A: Terracing machine patent, US-2277141-A: Composite color photography patent, US-2278314-A: Apparatus for producing one-piece multifocal ophthalmic lenses patent, US-2278835-A: Combined lamp and radio receiving set patent, US-2278846-A: Electric contact apparatus patent, US-2279057-A: Hydropneumatic power unit patent, US-2279283-A: Alloy patent, US-2280390-A: Pressure regulator patent, US-2280613-A: Recorder patent, US-2281090-A: Electrolytic manufacture of potassium persulphate patent, US-2282819-A: Treatment of hydrogenated oils patent, US-2282862-A: Refrigeration apparatus patent, US-2283072-A: Autoamtic meter-reading apparatus patent, US-2283376-A: Kerf-cutting mining machine patent, US-2283489-A: Pin and cylinder lock patent, US-2283502-A: Means for dumping fuel from aircraft patent, US-2283624-A: Cover patent, US-2284004-A: Resilient safety latch patent, US-2284616-A: Means for and method of assembling metallic articles and the like for shipment patent, US-2286328-A: Automatic switch for use in telephone or like systems patent, US-2287773-A: Rubberlike materials patent, US-2287852-A: Blocking apparatus patent, US-2290026-A: Aluminum alloy patent, US-2290092-A: Air cleaner and silencer assembly patent, US-2290257-A: Stop motion for knitting machines and the like patent, US-2290291-A: Thresher construction patent, US-2290740-A: Gravity meter patent, US-2291244-A: Telephone system patent, US-2291277-A: Television signal-translating channel patent, US-2291841-A: Patch applying and laminating mechanism for paper working machines patent, US-2292887-A: Apparatus for vacuum sealing jars and other containers patent, US-2293072-A: Dye package patent, US-2293627-A: Lady's undergarment patent, US-2294050-A: Article dispenser patent, US-2294262-A: Filter cartridge gasket patent, US-2295526-A: Steel mill conveyer patent, US-2297665-A: Lubricating means for sewing machine loop takers patent, US-2298043-A: Molding machine patent, US-2298819-A: Automatic feed device for the thread guide means of cop winding machines patent, US-2299007-A: Control system for cyclically operating machines patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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