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US-2060164-A: Floor protection for railway cars patent, US-2060464-A: Fuse patent, US-2060575-A: Automatic window closer patent, US-2060751-A: Fishing harness patent, US-2061383-A: Stress-strain recording instrument patent, US-2061439-A: Two-cycle engine patent, US-2061473-A: Knitting machine patent, US-2061865-A: Water eductor and method patent, US-2062468-A: Optical device patent, US-2062979-A: Tile or slab applicable for covering or protecting underground cables and the like patent, US-2063082-A: Treatment of hydrocarbon oil patent, US-2063222-A: Apparatus for inspecting fluids patent, US-2064261-A: Saw patent, US-2064583-A: Dynamo-electric machine patent, US-2064675-A: Amphibian landing gear patent, US-2064779-A: Speed control device patent, US-2064812-A: Goggles patent, US-2064960-A: Method of and apparatus for cleaning gases patent, US-2065069-A: Process for coating plaster patent, US-2065492-A: Self-heating sadiron patent, US-2069271-A: Torsional vibration recording instrument patent, US-2070414-A: Handle for paper cups patent, US-2071344-A: Method of making a translucent picture projection screen patent, US-2072356-A: Fluid motor for a power transmission mechanism patent, US-2073262-A: Typewriting machine patent, US-2074131-A: Process and apparatus for surfacing roofing patent, US-2074215-A: Toilet patent, US-2076281-A: Aluminium alloy and article made therefrom patent, US-2076609-A: Drawing mechanism patent, US-2077921-A: Load brake mechanism patent, US-2078935-A: Billfold patent, US-2081238-A: Clutch control patent, US-2081326-A: Lighting fixture patent, US-2082603-A: Control device patent, US-2082697-A: Keying device patent, US-2082962-A: Developing tank for roll films patent, US-2083894-A: Process for the treatment of sulphur compounds patent, US-2086176-A: Magnetic brake patent, US-2086378-A: Key holder patent, US-2087354-A: Spring patent, US-2088224-A: Pliers patent, US-2088840-A: Device for making and storing ice patent, US-2088989-A: Typographical composing and casting machine patent, US-2089122-A: Apparatus for separating wax from oil patent, US-2090074-A: Induction furnace patent, US-2090971-A: Porch furniture patent, US-2091158-A: Fan blade and faring structure patent, US-2091416-A: Mining machine patent, US-2091470-A: Switching mechanism patent, US-2091767-A: Method for manufacturing pottery ware patent, US-2092230-A: Machine for lifting loose material from lawns or other surfaces patent, US-2093595-A: Coal stoker patent, US-2094604-A: Lock construction patent, US-2094704-A: Fluid-tight watch patent, US-2095323-A: Mushroom house construction patent, US-2095756-A: Vapor electric device patent, US-2096801-A: Power transformer patent, US-2097401-A: Steam trap patent, US-2097416-A: Coagulation of latex patent, US-2098648-A: Ball control mechanism for pinball games patent, US-2099033-A: Trimming machine knife guard supporting and operating mechanism patent, US-2099218-A: Driving mechanism to maintain constant the required length of an endless driving means patent, US-2100534-A: Piston fixture patent, US-2100594-A: Color photography patent, US-2100805-A: Engine governor patent, US-2102685-A: Valve-closed bag patent, US-2103118-A: Vacuum valve patent, US-2104610-A: Antenna and coupler system patent, US-2104813-A: Heat exchanger patent, US-2105001-A: Telephone system patent, US-2106792-A: Method of making vibrationdamped structure patent, US-2106872-A: Circular knitting machine patent, US-2107090-A: Water pump patent, US-2107606-A: Motor vehicle construction patent, US-2107815-A: Locomotive superheater patent, US-2108532-A: Cooling device for pistons patent, US-2108862-A: Halogenated thick boiling starch patent, US-2108956-A: Rotary earth boring tool with rolling cutters patent, US-2110217-A: Fuel igniting device patent, US-2110441-A: Grinding machine patent, US-2110557-A: Valve patent, US-2110567-A: Loop cutting and edge trimming machine patent, US-2112028-A: Photographic apparatus patent, US-2112876-A: Fuel tank mounting for tractors patent, US-2113487-A: Method of cinematographic television patent, US-2113744-A: Sealing means patent, US-2113755-A: Tool for pulling inside axle bearing cones patent, US-2113979-A: Scavenging of two-stroke internal combustion engines patent, US-2114373-A: Flow preventer for oil wells patent, US-2115347-A: Gauge patent, US-2115713-A: Flexible connecter patent, US-2116815-A: Dry concentrator patent, US-2117242-A: Manufacture of ring binders patent, US-2120667-A: Therapeutic agent for use in the treatment of infection patent, US-2121223-A: Amusement device patent, US-2122293-A: Light fixture for cabinet structures patent, US-2122400-A: Amalgamating machine patent, US-2123201-A: Pyrotechnic compositions patent, US-2123366-A: Structural support patent, US-2124665-A: Typographical slug casting machine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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