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US-2005011932-A1: Manufacturing method for friction welded aluminum alloy parts patent, US-2005025218-A1: Code division multiple access signaling for modulated reflector technology patent, US-2005063533-A1: Microprocessor-controlled full-duplex speakerphone using automatic gain control patent, US-2005064904-A1: Mobile communication terminal for providing UV information and method for providing UV information using the same patent, US-2006045829-A1: Process for the removal of heavy metals from gases, and compositions therefor and therewith patent, US-2006082010-A1: Intelligent molding environment and method of controlling applied clamp tonnage patent, US-2006172026-A1: Press and method for producing panel board patent, US-2006177116-A1: Method of extracting locations of nucleic acid array features patent, US-2006212884-A1: Slot-in disc loading system with various disc size compatibility patent, US-2006245595-A1: Intercepting a communication session in a telecommunication network patent, US-2006270414-A1: Apparatus and method for resource allocation in a wireless network patent, US-2007043697-A1: Generating statistics for temporary tables during query optimization patent, US-2007043836-A1: Terminal for supporting dynamic contents delivery service, and system thereof patent, US-2007044382-A1: Wire drum window regulator patent, US-2008010484-A1: Storage device, storage-device management system, and storage-device management method patent, US-2008073674-A1: Thin Film Transistor Array Panel and Method for Manufacturing the Same patent, US-2008088310-A1: Magnetic field generating apparatus and mri apparatus patent, US-2008103018-A1: System for Identifying Position of Locking Differential patent, US-2008173733-A1: Remanufactured fuel injector tip and fuel injector tip remanufacturing process patent, US-2008201523-A1: Preservation of cache data following failover patent, US-2008219852-A1: Fluid-flow machine and rotor blade thereof patent, US-2008239290-A1: Reticle defect inspection apparatus and reticle defect inspection method patent, US-2008258833-A1: Signal Generator With Directly-Extractable Dds Signal Source patent, US-2009016838-A1: Air cargo rollout stop patent, US-2009056433-A1: System for electro-statically indicating movement of tread patent, US-2009163374-A1: Process for Determining One or More Analytes in Samples of Biological Origin Having Complex Composition, and Use Thereof patent, US-2009170246-A1: Forming a 3-d semiconductor die structure with an intermetallic formation patent, US-2009243672-A1: Multi-pole delay element delay locked loop (dll) patent, US-2009256950-A1: Imaging System and Camera Body patent, US-2009291711-A1: Protection Setting Method and Protection Releasing Method for Portable Device patent, US-2009298269-A1: Structures having lattice-mismatched single-crystalline semiconductor layers on the same lithographic level and methods of manufacturing the same patent, US-2010046934-A1: High thermal transfer spiral flow heat exchanger patent, US-2010054484-A1: Sound system and method of sound reproduction patent, US-2010075499-A1: Method and apparatus for metal silicide formation patent, US-2010076953-A1: Computer-implemented method and apparatus for recording and organizing multiple responses to queries used to create a legacy profile in a manner that expands memory recall patent, US-2010085058-A1: Trainline integrity locomotive test device patent, US-2004053966-A1: Chemical derivatives and their application as antitelomerase agent patent, US-2004124726-A1: Device for connecting electronic components for driving an electric motor patent, US-2005043955-A1: Speech animation patent, US-2005228269-A1: System and method for identifying optimized blood signal in medical images to eliminate flow artifacts patent, US-2005262049-A1: System, method, device, and computer code product for implementing an XML template patent, US-2006000067-A1: Slider for concealed type slide fastener and concealed type slide fastener patent, US-2006036037-A1: Thermoplastic molding compositions patent, US-2006078613-A1: Compositions and methods for minimizing adverse drug experiences associated with oxybutynin therapy patent, US-2006083001-A1: Instrument cluster with hidden telltale indicators patent, US-2006155157-A1: Catalyst direct conversion of methane to ethane and ethylene patent, US-2006205433-A1: Method and apparatus for receiving signals using diversity in wireless network patent, US-2006284488-A1: Uninterruptible power supply and method of manufacturing same patent, US-2007071776-A1: Recombinant Vaccine Against Fish Infectious Diseases patent, US-2007088915-A1: Method and apparatus for software-assisted data cache and prefetch control patent, US-2007204929-A1: Multilayer Pipe patent, US-2008036429-A1: Hand-Held Power Tool and Method for Operating a Heating Device of a Hand-Held Power Tool patent, US-2008041078-A1: Method of controlling air conditioner in hybrid car patent, US-2008085032-A1: Supplying digital images from a collection patent, US-2008088711-A1: Digital image with reduced object motion blur patent, US-2008124504-A1: Durable honeycomb structures patent, US-2008186165-A1: System and method for monitoring the location of a tracking device patent, US-2008252119-A1: Semi-custom fit slipcover patent, US-2008311389-A1: Sun Blocking Stack patent, US-2009009099-A1: Lamp ballast circuit and driving method thereof patent, US-2009030250-A1: Selective hydrogenation catalyst patent, US-2009217163-A1: System and Method for Deploying and Maintaining Software Applications patent, US-2010033311-A1: Display device for vehicle patent, US-2003221606-A1: Dual scale vehicle gauge patent, US-2004208115-A1: Multiple antenna ofdm transceiver and method for transceiving patent, US-2004216664-A1: Liquid coating device with barometric pressure compensation patent, US-2004218040-A1: Appearance inspection apparatus and method of image capturing using the same patent, US-2004260665-A1: System and method for tracking of mail using a universal coding system patent, US-2004267551-A1: System and method of restricting access to wireless local area network based on client location patent, US-2005145645-A1: Thermal barrier for a refrigerated compartment in a vending machine patent, US-2005155564-A1: Electronic valve actuator having hydraulic displacement amplifier patent, US-2005157516-A1: Liquid crystal display light source device patent, US-2006061878-A1: Lens having seamless profile defined by cubic polynomial function patent, US-2007041283-A1: Optical recording medium, information recording apparatus, and information reproducing apparatus patent, US-2007247817-A1: Power adapter patent, US-2008280770-A1: Method of isolating biologically active chemical compounds from a chemical compound library patent, US-2008295731-A1: Reactive ink components and methods for forming images using reactive inks patent, US-2009072689-A1: Fast Mounting Mechanism for a telescoping slide patent, US-2009120532-A1: Device and method for profiling tree trunks patent, US-2009257226-A1: Led lamp having a sealed structure patent, US-2010026966-A1: Light source device and projector patent, US-2010092147-A1: Optical fiber cable retention device patent, US-2004015493-A1: Address matching patent, US-2004044271-A1: Optic for industrial endoscope/borescope with narrow field of view and low distortion patent, US-2004203205-A1: Method of forming tiny silicon nitride spacer for flash EPROM by fully wet etching technology patent, US-2004205642-A1: Text spacing adjustment patent, US-2005164165-A1: Methods of detecting hcv genotype 1 (hcv-1) by using primers specific for the 5' non-coding region (ncr) of the hcv genome patent, US-2006000983-A1: Fast dynamic imaging protocol using a multi-head single photon emission computed tomography system patent, US-9122736-B2: Calculating a thermal value to control the flow of liquid through the liquid cooled heatsink which is in thermal communication with the high powered computing component patent, US-2006008660-A1: Cleaning of a substrate support patent, US-2006120928-A1: Chlorine dioxide generator patent, US-2007239445-A1: Method and system for automatic transcription prioritization patent, US-2008042416-A1: Airbag with an adaptatively closable vent device patent, US-2008285335-A1: Programmable fuse/non-volatile memory structures using externally heated phase change material patent, US-2009045142-A1: Method and apparatus for collecting pollutants in a body of water patent, US-2009110896-A1: Silicon -nitrogen compound film, and gas-barrier film and thin-film device using the silicon-nitrogen compound film patent, US-2009255519-A1: Silencer for a motor device patent, US-2010007768-A1: Wireless storage device patent, US-2010046246-A1: Illuminating textile web, conversion process, and luminous device comprising a plurality of illuminating regions patent, US-2003198060-A1: Light source unit for vehicular lamp patent, patent, patent, 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