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US-2005246343-A1: Network management system permitting remote management of systems by users with limited skills patent, US-2005259035-A1: User support apparatus patent, US-2005270155-A1: Integrated theft deterrent device patent, US-2006137404-A1: Method for manufacturing glass rod patent, US-2006230251-A1: System And Method For Providing Compact Mapping Between Dissimilar Memory Systems patent, US-2006261943-A1: Weather station apparatus patent, US-2007057764-A1: Mobile communication terminal, authentication method and authentication program patent, US-2007112599-A1: Method and system for generating and validating clinical reports with built-in automated measurement and decision support patent, US-2007115587-A1: Method and apparatus for mounting a drive in a chassis patent, US-2007165229-A1: Photometric analysis of biological samples using in-plane detection patent, US-2007174297-A1: Apparatus and method for providing remote user interface service patent, US-2007212688-A1: Method For Distinguishing Cbf-Positive Aml Subtypes From Cbf-Negative Aml Subtypes patent, US-2007220155-A1: Server session management application program interface and schema patent, US-2007224404-A1: Methods For Forming An Electrodeposited Coating Over A Coated Substrate And Articles Made Thereby patent, US-2007261955-A1: Ruthenium oxide electrodes and fabrication method thereof patent, US-2008018093-A1: Image Forming Apparatus, Method Executed on Image Forming Apparatus, Computer-Readable Storage Medium Stored with Control Program for Controlling Image Forming Apparatus, and its Control Method patent, US-2008262381-A1: Infant SID Monitor Based On Accelerometer patent, US-2009061025-A1: Compositions and methods for treating demodex infestations patent, US-2009076158-A1: Deuterium-enriched bicalutamide patent, US-2009173689-A1: Generation of Triacylglycerols from Gums patent, US-2009223947-A1: Ceramic heating element, ceramic heating element with terminals, and ceramic heating tube patent, US-2009269003-A1: Fibre optic sweat sensor patent, US-2009308273-A1: Active vortex control system (avocs) method for isolation of sensitive components from external environments patent, US-2009321551-A1: Pivotable Positioning Roller in the Reversing Winder patent, US-2010045995-A1: System and method for surface plasmon resonance based detection of molecules patent, US-2003190690-A1: Biosensor and method for analyzing blood components using it patent, US-2004050458-A1: Fractional variation to improve bulk metallic glass forming capability patent, US-2004051217-A1: Environmentally friendly insulating material and method for manufacture thereof patent, US-2004175505-A1: Method for treating a surface with a treatment gel and treatment gel patent, US-2004193701-A1: System and method for applying an action initiated for a portion of a plurality of devices to all of the plurality of devices patent, US-2005001000-A1: Setting device patent, US-2005065845-A1: Method and apparatus for customizing a marketing campaign system using client and server plug-in components patent, US-2005113030-A1: RSSI slope calibration technique patent, US-2006050305-A1: Image signal processing circuit patent, US-2006111111-A1: Method and system to support fast hand-over of mobile subscriber stations in broadband wireless networks patent, US-2006112306-A1: Method and apparatus for classifying memory errors patent, US-2006153108-A1: VoIP terminal capable of facsimile communication and communication method thereof patent, US-2006160121-A1: Probe arrays for detecting multiple strains of different species patent, US-2006180520-A1: Method for processing mail patent, US-2006210631-A1: Multi-particulate, modified-release composition patent, US-2006276176-A1: Authentication method for wireless distributed system patent, US-2007019262-A1: Measuring spectral lines from an analyte using multiplexed holograms and polarization manipulation patent, US-2007130168-A1: Storage control sub-system comprising virtual storage units patent, US-2007261786-A1: Method for attaching intersecting tubes patent, US-2007297938-A1: Sb-Te Alloy Sintered Compact Sputtering Target patent, US-2008041787-A1: Dialysis device and method for cleaning the same patent, US-2008080078-A1: Peripheral filtering lens patent, US-2008080561-A1: Synchronization of voice packet generation with transmission opportunities in a wireless network patent, US-2008180688-A1: System for measuring the image quality of an optical imaging system patent, US-2008209853-A1: Handrail for toddlers patent, US-2008220314-A1: Catalyst layer for fuel cells and fuel cell using the same patent, US-2008229989-A1: Thread cutting device of sewing machine patent, US-2008245701-A1: Systems and methods of producing a crude product patent, US-2008293742-A1: Novel N-(Fluoro-Pyrazinyl)-Phenylsulfonamides as Modulators of Chemokine Receptor Ccr4 patent, US-2009006738-A1: Host adaptive seek technique environment patent, US-2009121289-A1: Field effect transistor with a heterostructure and associated production method patent, US-2009124458-A1: Dual-drive transmission patent, US-2009136549-A1: Transdermal patch containing rasagiline for treatment or prophylaxis of nervous system disease and its preparation process patent, US-2009143686-A1: Optical coherent tomography diagnostic apparatus patent, US-2009262827-A1: Video encoding/ decoding method and apparatus patent, US-2009268002-A1: Image forming method and image forming apparatus patent, US-2009297944-A1: Lithium secondary battery patent, US-2009306349-A1: Binding partners with immunoglobulin domains modified to have extended half-life patent, US-2010048204-A1: Dynamic access to radio networks patent, US-2010066417-A1: High-frequency counter patent, US-2003183621-A1: Treatment for improving the stability of silicon carbide heating elements patent, US-2003202015-A1: Imaging device user interface method and apparatus patent, US-2004028112-A1: Micro-calorimeter apparatus patent, US-2004152541-A1: Golf ball patent, US-2005084441-A1: Carbon nanochips as catalyst supports for metals and metal oxides patent, US-2005094193-A1: Print driver system and method for print job notification patent, US-2005118946-A1: In-band signaling within broadcast stream and support for mixed flows patent, US-2005186697-A1: Fabrication method of an ion sensitive field effect transistor patent, US-2005261541-A1: Directionally emitting radioactive sources for brachytherapy patent, US-2006138635-A1: Power semiconductor device patent, US-2006161791-A1: Access-controlled encrypted recording system for site, interaction and process monitoring patent, US-2006212327-A1: Methods and apparatus for associating and displaying project planning and management information in conjunction with geographic information patent, US-2006280050-A1: Copy protection system for data carriers patent, US-2007023946-A1: Continuous method for producing solid, hollow or open profiles patent, US-2007097865-A1: Method for measuring end-to-end delay in asynchronous packet transfer network, and asynchronous packet transmitter and receiver patent, US-2007164205-A1: Method and apparatus for mass spectrometer diagnostics patent, US-2007212173-A1: Method and apparatus for building reinforced sea walls and levees patent, US-2007217490-A1: Modem patent, US-2008043592-A1: Optical information recording method, optical information recording device and optical information recording medium patent, US-2008070128-A1: Method of etching extreme ultraviolet light (euv) photomasks patent, US-2008080139-A1: Impeller and aligned cold plate patent, US-2008169443-A1: Ball valve patent, US-2008170162-A1: Dtv receiving system and method of processing dtv signal patent, US-2008205354-A1: Method for Initiating a Wireless Transfer of Data Between at Least Two Electronic Devices, Electronic Device and Software Program Therefor patent, US-2009047666-A1: Methods and nucleic acids for the analysis of colon proliferative disorders patent, US-2009187073-A1: Medical device and process of installing medical device in patient patent, US-2009227127-A1: Solderable Elastic Electric Contact Terminal patent, US-2009293210-A1: Laundering process for whitening synthetic textiles patent, US-2009314271-A1: Sport bow and crossbow, with one or both limbs elastically deforming by deflection or simultaneous deflection and bending patent, US-2010039573-A1: Barrier panel device for 3d image reproduction, and method of driving same patent, US-2010045078-A1: Portable seating device patent, US-2010086991-A1: Integrated microfluidic device with reduced peak power consumption patent, US-2004045939-A1: Pinch weld gun with improved cooling patent, US-2004166842-A1: Page back system and method for remote paging in a control system patent, US-2004225657-A1: Web services method and system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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