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US-2004098010-A1: Confuser crown skin pricker patent, US-2009264329-A1: Cleaner concentrates, associated cleaners, and associated methods patent, US-2007264388-A1: Compressed Biodegradable Chewing Gum patent, US-2006083604-A1: Method of applying a wrap sheet to a book hardcover and related guide apparatus patent, US-2007192948-A1: Disposable urine collection device patent, US-2008284710-A1: Semiconductor device and display device patent, US-2009297469-A1: Cyanoacrylate Monomer Formulation Containing Diiodomethyl-p-tolylsulfone and 2,4,4'-Trichloro-2'-Hydroxydiphenyl Ether patent, US-2010078164-A1: Permanent downhole deployment of optical sensors patent, US-2005008048-A1: Pulsed quantum dot laser system with low jitter patent, US-2006208454-A1: Trailer with interchangeable cargo specific pods patent, US-2005122987-A1: Apparatus and method for modeling queueing systems with highly variable traffic arrival rates patent, US-2007013402-A1: Shared memory bus architecture for system with processor and memory units patent, US-2008228590-A1: System and method for providing an online book synopsis patent, US-2004254501-A1: Achieving a relaxed state patent, US-2008021445-A1: Transurethral needle ablation system patent, US-2004198576-A1: Carton, a blank for producing a carton, and methods and apparatus for erecting, closing, and sealing a carton patent, US-2009097474-A1: System and method for providing location information to a public safety answering point during an emergency 911 call from a softphone patent, US-2008015631-A1: Surgical instrument patent, US-2010010992-A1: Methods And Systems For Resolving A Location Information To A Network Identifier patent, US-2006085310-A1: System and method for facilitating a wireless financial transaction patent, US-2004204223-A1: Gaming device having an adjacent selection bonus scheme patent, US-2009089147-A1: Provider supply & consumer demand management patent, US-2005035558-A1: Closet flange seal patent, US-2004041714-A1: RFID temperature device and method patent, US-2006279793-A1: Printing form processing with a plurality of engraving tool tracks forming lines patent, US-2007096005-A1: Interior rearview mirror assembly with polymeric components patent, US-2005240256-A1: Method and apparatus for contracting, loading or crimping self-expanding and balloon expandable stent devices patent, US-2006068893-A1: Wagering game with symbols collection patent, US-2006090267-A1: Textile finishing composition and methods for using same patent, US-2006136625-A1: Method and apparatus for selecting, monitoring, and controlling electrically powered devices patent, US-2008202509-A1: Helmets and methods of making and using the same patent, US-2007260125-A1: Minimally open retraction device patent, US-2007175322-A1: RF-based dynamic remote control device based on generating and sensing of electrical field in vicinity of the operator patent, US-2008000959-A1: Method and system for providing signatures for machines patent, US-2008251483-A1: Supporting Consumer Products patent, US-2007174476-A1: Streaming Content Navigation patent, US-2008157430-A1: Compacting techniques for forming lightweight concrete building blocks patent, US-2009086249-A1: Image formation device and computer-readable record medium patent, US-2004242976-A1: Apparatus and method for measuring biologic parameters patent, US-2006013879-A9: Gel composition and methods patent, US-2006168774-A1: Closure profile and die plate for extruding same patent, US-2008008352-A1: Methods Employing Topical Subject Criteria in Video Processing patent, US-2005265437-A1: Communication channel calibration with nonvolatile parameter store for recovery patent, US-2003217929-A1: Apparatus and method for regulating fluid flows, such as flows of electrochemical processing fluids patent, US-2004041706-A1: Smart and secure container patent, US-2007219532-A1: Pump system for negative pressure wound therapy patent, US-2008261471-A1: Polyolefinic Materials for Plastic Composites patent, US-2004181152-A1: Ultrasound breast screening device patent, US-2005044026-A1: System and method for identification of quasi-fungible goods and services, and financial instruments based thereon patent, US-2008316566-A1: High aperture-ratio top-reflective am-imod displays patent, US-2007017858-A1: Horizontally traveling water screen patent, US-2006264144-A1: Self assembly of elements for displays patent, US-2007210251-A1: Ion sources, systems and methods patent, US-2009255978-A1: Variable compression surgical fastener cartridge patent, US-2006229640-A1: Specimen retrieval apparatus patent, US-2006143923-A1: Nail care system with improved nail clipper patent, US-2009168802-A1: Method and system for adaptively obtaining bandwidth allocation requests patent, US-2007102037-A1: Self-powered systems and methods using auxiliary solar cells patent, US-2007170240-A1: Method and system for deterring product counterfeiting, diversion and piracy on a single system patent, US-2004006537-A1: Method and system for processing credit card related transactions patent, US-2005144215-A1: Applications of cascading DSP slices patent, US-2005153809-A1: Continuously variable transmission patent, US-2005263394-A1: Sensors and sensor arrays of conducting and insulating composites and methods of use thereof patent, US-2005272516-A1: Launch monitor patent, US-2006025787-A1: Devices and methods for heart valve repair patent, US-2006272656-A1: Apparatus and methods for manufacturing cigarettes patent, US-9060139-B2: Solid-state imaging apparatus and method for driving the same patent, US-2006280231-A1: Spread spectrum applications of universal frequency translation patent, US-2007105651-A1: Golf club head having movable weights patent, US-2007156026-A1: Surgical access devices and methods of minimally invasive surgery patent, US-2007203966-A1: Transcutaneous analyte sensor patent, US-2008094005-A1: Networkable led-based lighting fixtures and methods for powering and controlling same patent, US-2008151021-A1: Ink-jet recording device and ink supply unit suitable for it patent, US-2008261596-A1: Method and Apparatus for Establishing Transport Channels for a Femtocell patent, US-2009060439-A1: Fiber optic terminal assembly patent, US-2009084414-A1: Wash chamber for automated appendage-washing apparatus patent, US-2009213722-A1: Program for Adjusting Channel Interference between Devices in a Wireless Network patent, US-2009315579-A1: High density integrated circuit apparatus, test probe and methods of use thereof patent, US-2004097961-A1: Tenaculum for use with occlusion devices patent, US-2004117907-A1: Method and apparatus for assembling and sealing bathtub overflow and waste water ports patent, US-2004210293-A1: Subcutaneous electrode for transthoracic conduction with insertion tool patent, US-2006070961-A1: Liquid filtration device patent, US-2006143373-A1: Processor having content addressable memory for block-based queue structures patent, US-2006219496-A1: Residual magnetic devices and methods patent, US-2006230896-A1: Miter saw with improved safety system patent, US-2007173803-A1: System and method for terminating treatment in impedance feedback algorithm patent, US-2007279903-A1: Lighting device and method of lighting patent, US-2008025291-A1: Portable VoIP Service Access Module patent, US-2009130884-A1: Portable device interfacing patent, US-2010020963-A1: Method and Apparatus for Descrambling Content patent, US-2010081606-A1: Liquid hard surface cleaning composition patent, US-2003236728-A1: Method and apparatus for managing a financial transaction system patent, US-2004183454-A1: Method of and apparatus for electrostatic fluid acceleration control of a fluid flow patent, US-2005026555-A1: Carrier assemblies, planarizing apparatuses including carrier assemblies, and methods for planarizing micro-device workpieces patent, US-2008054046-A1: Surgical fastener applying apparatus with controlled beam deflection patent, US-2008320393-A1: Program guide 3d zoom patent, US-2009293274-A1: Probe bonding method having improved control of bonding material patent, US-2006100907-A1: Medication management system patent, US-2009051493-A1: Reader control system patent, US-2009157013-A1: Needle safety device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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